The American dream of homeownership is more than securing a place to call home. Homeownership is the cornerstone of personal security, wealth building, and future legacy for individuals and families. Owning a home or investment property is one of the most critical steps in building a wealth portfolio that can be utilized in your future or the future of generations to come. Efficient Lending was birthed with the idea of promoting legacy and personal financial security for our customers, and community and global outreach.

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Mike and Sonia Nelson are California natives who found themselves moving for corporate relocations to Utah, back to California, and then to Colorado, where they spent the bulk of their family-building time. Each move was an opportunity to purchase a home with a larger down payment than the last. So after years of working with large corporations, they decided to launch a family-owned business that offers a personalized experience for home and investment property acquisition.

Efficient Lending relocated to Waco, Texas, in 2021, where Mike and Sonia were able to experience their mantra of “The best home loan is no home loan."  Our goal at Efficient Lending is to walk beside you, not just in your initial purchase but as you manage your loan over the years, through meaningful refinance opportunities. Our boutique service is geared toward finessing interest rates and term (length of your loan) over the years to put money back in your pocket, enabling you to grow your wealth.


Purchasing a home or investment property can be an emotional process as a buyer juggles falling in love with a house and making a wise purchasing decision. Our goal at Efficient Lending is to give our customers accurate knowledge of their purchasing power, a step-by-step plan for acquiring a loan that meets their needs, and a working plan going forward to get all they can get out of their investment.

Our commitment to building your future also extends to the future of our communities and our world. Therefore, efficient Lending proactively engages with local and global outreach organizations specifically working to support marginalized women and children.

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