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AFN - Michael NelsonJust recently, I have accessed a marketing tool that I could not be more excited to talk about and share. Nest.me has benefits for realtors and lenders alike. I am looking for realtors to partner with, to provide buyers with the most up to date listing information, in an environment that protects the agent/buyer and lender/buyer relationship.

Here Is How It Works

After an agent or lender invites a buyer to nest.me, the buyer is then plugged into a search and alert engine and shown listings that are branded to both you the realtor and to me, the lender. The inviting agents are then alerted to their client’s activities but no one else is. Nest.me is not selling your listings as leads to other agents!  Obviously, we live in a Zillow world.  Nest.me does not replace traditional syndication – just gives you the ability to personalize your interaction with your valued customer.

AFN - Michael NelsonIn addition, co-branded marketing materials and flyers are automatically generated and made ready for your use – at no charge. This saves you time and allows you to focus more of your energy toward prospecting and customer satisfaction.

Let’s Do This Together!

If this marketing tool sounds as good to you as it does to me, let’s find a time to talk more about setting you up with nest.me. Together we can offer our buyers an enjoyable, stress free house buying experience, while we enjoy the benefits of great marketing tools.

Click here to check out Nest.Me

Happy House Hunting

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