A Mortgage Is More Math Than Emotion

The Second Installment Of My Three Part Series
Take Advantage Of This Wonderful Real Estate Market

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Emotion is certainly an important part of purchasing a new home.  Buying a home is exciting, stressful, full of change, important decisions, and a usually starts a new season of life – experience all of those emotions to the fullest.

My sugestion is to put the mortgage part of purchasing a home in its proper emotional place.  Take the time to understand all components of the financing before getting emotionally attached to the loan.  Here are three suggestions:

  1. Listen to your gut after you have done the math – not before.
  2. Look at all of the numbers – payment, interest rate, term, how long you expect to live in the house, down payment, etc.
  3. The house and the market matters – use a good real estate agent.
A Mortgage is More Math Than Emotion

Check out my YouTube video for more information on this important topic.  Above all else, enjoy the process of purchasing your new home.

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