Affordability Guide – Southern California & The CO Front Range & Tampa/Sarasota, FL

We are certainly in a dynamic real estate market right now.  Inventories are low, rates are rising, and confidence in the economy seems to be expanding.

What Does This Mean for Agents & Lenders?

Simple – we need to know our market, our products, and the needs of our customers.  As the market expands, products such as ARMs, Bank Statement loans, Asset Depletion are vital to maximizing our sales and ensuring our customers are satisfied.

Tools for Tracking Affordability & Market Dynamics

Our friends at MBS Highway (MBS stands for Mortgage Backed Securities) give us with some wonderful tools to help make sense of the financial markets.  I have attached their Affordability Index for three of the larger markets I support.  Please feel free to download and use as you wish.

I also attached their 2017 Market Prediction and a primer on understand the MBS market.  Hopefully all of these documents are useful in your business.

MBS Highway and AFN also produce a weekly newsletter summarizing the bond markets and potential impacts on interest rates.  Please send me a note if you would like be to included on this distribution list – AFN covers the cost of this newsletter.

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Orange County
Understanding Rates and Direction
2017 Forecast

As Always Happy House Hunting.

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