Kelly Weaver Photography – Great Local Business

It has been a while since I put up a post on local businesses that are great at their craft.  I have been busy in this crazy mortgage and financial market.  I suppose being busy is not a bad thing. I had the pleasure of working with Kelly at Kelly Weaver …

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Restaurants We Love

It is about time that I add something beyond sales management and the mortgage industry to this blog.  I am told that I might be a little anal and sometimes I get a little narrow in my focus.  While that might not be a bad quality in a consultant and loan originator, it could possibly make for some dry reading.

Anyway, I was working out this morning and began thinking about some of the restaurants that my wife and I visit here in Colorado.  One of our favorite things to do is visit new and interesting restaurants.  Some of our friends have called us foodies.  So, from time to time, I am going to share some of the restaurants we enjoy.

I am not a food critic.  I have no interest in bashing restaurants and the owners who have their livelihood invested in a really tough business.  Be forewarned, if a restaurant shows up in my blog, it is a family favorite.  It is also quite possible that Sonia and my dining tastes are a bit pedestrian.  Alas, here we go:

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4 Million Cookies & Counting

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Boulder Baked – 4 Million Cookies & Counting

Boulder Baked is a family owned business with a wonderful story.  The owner, Jim Comstock, is a close friend and I have had the pleasure to watch his business grow over the past several years. Throughout my career, I have connected with many gifted entrepreneurs – Jim is certainly one of them.  And in the past several weeks, I have found myself thinking about these people and what makes them so successful.

I have always loved Boulder Baked and the delicious cookies and cakes they deliver fresh door to door in the greater Boulder community.  I think Jim has started shipping cookies to the continental United States as well.  Honestly, the cookies are great.  But, I have had great cookies from a lot of family recipes.  So the other day, I was thinking about what makes Jim and his company different. Why is Boulder Baked so successful?  Why are their cookies, cakes, soups, and sandwiches just a bit better than the rest?

Certainly, it is their recipes, quality ingredients, and passion for customer service that makes Boulder Baked different.  If they did not deliver a high level of quality, the company would fail.  But, I suppose most of us can figure out, with enough time, how to combine flour, sugar, eggs, and chocolate to make a dozen cookies that taste great.

The difference is this – Jim figured out how to make 4 million wonderfully delicious  cookies and cakes, in many varieties, arrive fresh at your door.

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