Debt Service Coverage – Grow Your Client Base with this Investor Mortgage Program


Investor focused mortgage program will help agents grow their client base

Everybody knows the real estate market is tough now.  There are not enough houses on the market to keep up with demand.   Because the market is tough, agents, lenders, and buyers must use innovation, service, and good old-fashioned competition to make a living.

One such product that can help agents grow their client base is a mortgage product called Debt Service Coverage.  Debt service coverage fulfills the financing needs of many investors.  A few of the highlights of this product follow:

  • No tax returns
  • No paystubs/W2’s
  • Mortgage is qualified on the market rent for the subject property
  • LTV’s up to 80%

Understand NON-QM products and how they can grow your client base

The Debt Service Coverage program is one of the many Non-QM products on the market that are safe, regulated, and fully underwritten.  I have several posts on this blog, on this very topic. Another example of a Non-QM product is a Bank Statement loan specifically designed to provide financing to qualified self-employed borrowers.

Please feel free to call, text, or email me anytime.  I always enjoy discussing the creative ways our products can help an agent grow their client base.

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