Evaluate The Quality of Your Pre-Approval With One Easy Question

The Pre-Approval Letter is one of the important steps of any real estate transactions.  A well done pre-approval letter ensures the buyer has a high likelihood of securing funds necessary to complete the purchase transaction.

Most pre-approval letters are not difficult to complete.  All pre-approval letters, however, do require effort and time from the loan officer.  Loan officers that invest the necessary time into the pre-approval letter have better transactions with less stress.  Other officers put forth sloppy pre-approval letters that are not reflective of the buyer’s financial health.  Unfortunately, in many instances these are the transactions that are stressful and difficult to get closed.

What are your findings?

This simple question will go a long way in determining the validity of your pre-approval letter.  Click on my YouTube video above for more information.  Regardless, please feel free to call, text, or email anytime with questions.  I love to meet new people.

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