Intro to Our 6 Part Series: Florida Hazard Insurance

Join Leo Young from State Insurance: 6 Part Series –  Florida Hazard Insurance

Leo Young -

A few weeks before Irma hit, Leo Young from State Insurance and I decided to post a 6 part series on hazard insurance in Florida.  We had no idea of the devastation that was only weeks away.  Obviously, we felt it best to wait until recovery from Irma could begin before posting the video.

The first installment is the introduction to our 6 part series.  I hope you find this information useful.  

Leo and I will be working together the week of October 16th in the Tampa/Sarasota area.  Please send Leo or me a note if you would like to meet for more detailed information on the complexities of the Florida insurance market.  Naturally we would love to continue the dialogue.

Thanks for your time and consideration.  Leo and I wish you the greatest of success!

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