Investors Decide December’s Back on the Table for Fed

Perhaps the Fed will raise rates again this year after all.

Source: Investors Decide December’s Back on the Table for Fed – MoneyBeat – WSJ

Here we go again – is a rate increase back on the table?  We have several TVs in our office that are always on the cable business networks.  During lunch today, I paused to watch one of the experts talk about the likelyhood of negative rates.  He spoke for a while with a tone that suggested it was going to happen.  When the expert was asked to commit his opinion either way, it was usual pundit Fed speak – it might or it might not happen.  That is not helpful for any of us laypeople in the marketplace.  With confidence, I can tell anybody who wants to know that rates may or may not go up.

I still do not accept the notion that employment is reaching capacity.  It is an election year and I believe these numbers are exaggerated.  No I am not taking a shot at the Democrats – if the Republicans had the White House they would mis-represent employment numbers as well.  Set all of the technical analysis aside, if employment was full the economy would be expanding and inflation would be a legitimate risk.  This is simply not happening.  inflation is not rising and the economy is not expanding beyond the anemic rates of the last several years.

Regardless – get good advice as you decide to purchase or refinance.

Happy House Hunting!

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