Listing Booster & MBS Highway: Compliant Tools for our Real Estate Partners

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There are wonderful, compliant, and powerful tools that lenders and agents can use to grow their customer base.  American Financial Network provides our loan officers with two of these tools:  Listing Booster and MBS Highway.

Mike Nelson - AFN Listing Booster:  Drive Traffic to Your Listing & On-line Presence

Listing Booster is a listing syndication tool co-branded with the loan officer and the real estate agent.  This tool has full social media, Facebook, YouTube, and web integration and there is also smart phone texting functionality.  Compliance is achieved through a shared cost model where the agent pays a very modest yearly cost while the loan officer has a monthly fee.  Listing Booster collects all of the fees.  

I have included a link to my business Facebook page which has more information and sample listings.  Please send me a text, email, or call for more information.  

Mike Nelson - AFNMBS Highway – Stay Connected to Your Pre-Approved buyers

MBS Highway is expert analysis on mortgage-backed securities and mortgage interest rates.  In simple terms, MBS Highway provides the necessary information to make educated decisions on mortgage rates and where they are headed.

MBS Highway offers a co-branded multi-touch 90 marketing campaign for your pre approved buyers.  It is a perfect campaign to stay connected with relevant information to those buyers who are ready to make a decision but have not found the perfect home.  

Compliance is achieved through a monthly fee for the loan officer and a nominal annual fee for the agent.  MBS Highway collects all the fees.  Take a look at the pictures below for samples.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

As always, please send me a note, call, or text for more information.

Happy House Hunting!

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