Make All 4 Parts of a Mortgage Work for You

The First Installment of my 3 Part Series
Take Advantage of this Wonderful Real Estate Market

There is a lot of opportunity in the real estate market right now.  Some of the usual media sources are negative, but I don’t get the sour sentiment.  I see a lot of opportunity for buyers, sellers, agents, and lenders.  Some of the highlights of our current market are below:

  • Inventory is improving
  • Prices have stabilized
  • New home sales are up 
  • Purchase applications are up
  • Interest rates have risen and are doing their job – inflation is in check

I have posted on my YouTube channel the first installment of my three part series entitled “Take Advantage of this Wonderful Real Estate Market”.  The installments are:

  1. Make All Four Parts of a Mortgage Work for You
  2. A Mortgage is More Math than Emotion
  3. 2018 is not 2007 All Over Again

Hopefully, these videos will provide insight, ideas, and tools to take advantage of our real estate opportunities.

Please free to call, text or email anytime to continue the dialogue.

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