Pac-12 season preview: UCLA Bruins


The Bruins have all the pieces they need to challenge for a playoff berth, but they have to exhibit the consistency that was lacking last season.

Source: Pac-12 season preview: UCLA Bruins – Pac-12 Blog- ESPN


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College Football is here!

I have been super busy – we are two days away from College Football and I have yet to make a post.   Well, here it is.  The Pac-12 Season Preview.

Not much for me to comment on – UCLA is stacked and they will disappoint as usual.  I do agree that the game against Colorado in October is dangerous.  Colorado will continue to improve and UCLA and typically loses a conference game they should win.  Look for a big Colorado home win against the Bruins.

My girls just started at Baylor so I am a big Baylor fan now.  More than likely there will be some Baylor football posts this year.  Sic’Em.

College football is the best time of the year!

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