Profile of International Home Buying Activity |

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Source: Profile of International Home Buying Activity |

This report is based on a survey of REALTORS® about Existing Home Sales to resident and non-resident foreigners over the time period April 2014 through March 2015.



Lately, realtors have asked me about real estate financing for foreign nationals.  It is not surprising that I am getting this question as I work in Florida, California, and Colorado.  The questions I have received prompted me to do some Googling for general demographic information.

My search quickly brought me to the PDF linked above.  The PDF is a summary of a more detailed report which has a lot of words and not a lot of pictures.  I like the PDF because it is a graphical summary of interesting data.  I am a numbers guy.  A few items of note stood out to me.

  • Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas account for more than 50% of the $104 billion foreign national market.  This is somewhat intuitive and not all that surprising. I wonder if Colorado is not far behind on this list?
  • A big chunk of these transactions are cash sales but there are a lot of mortgaged deals as well.  Clearly, there is opportunity for real estate agents regardless of financing.  The market is certainly attractive for lenders such as myself.
  • The total number of international transactions for 2015 decreased from 2014.  However, the median price increased and international buyers are at the high-end of the real estate market.  I suppose these data points are not that surprising given the global economy.

mike nelson equity primeIf you are supporting the real estate needs of international buyers, I hope this information is of interest.  I know it will help me support the requirements of my valued customers – real estate professionals and buyers.

As a direct lender, Equity Prime offers a full suite of products – government, Fannie, Freddie, and non-traditional.  Equity Prime is licensed in over 40 states.  Please feel free to call or send a note if you have any questions.

As always – Happy House Hunting!


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