Mortgage After Bankruptcy : How To Qualify Despite Your Financial Setback

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Bankruptcy is not the end of your mortgage or homeownership goals. You can get approved in as little as two years after a bankruptcy, with some planning. How to rebuild your credit and apply.

Source: Mortgage After Bankruptcy : How To Qualify Despite Your Financial Setback | Mortgage Rates, Mortgage News and Strategy : The Mortgage Reports

AFN Mike NelsonHome ownership is an achievable goal – even if for those with poor credit histories.

I often speak with potential home buyers and  agents about how to finance a home after a credit setback. Conversations with people who have had credit struggles are usually accompanied by a sense of despair.  Often, they can’t see a way to repair their credit issues while saving money for down payments.  The fact of the matter is this, for those who are serious and disciplined in repairing their credit, home ownership is an achievable goal.



Research, learn, and understand the mortgage resources available to help those with less than perfect credit.

While I certainly don’t want to sugarcoat the seriousness nature of bankruptcy and poor credit, I do want to offer some words of encouragement.  First and AFN Mike Nelsonforemost, understand the guidelines for many loan programs reward potential buyers who are successfully coming out of a negative credit environment.  Government loan programs have features specifically designed to acknowledge responsible credit repair.  Yes, these features are more expensive than conventional loans.  But, owning a home is almost always better financially than renting.

Mike Nelson AFNStay positive and be encouraged – it will take time and require discipline to achieve your homeownership goals.

As I was thinking about the goals for my blog this year, I decided to focus more time on articles educating the general public on credit repair.  There are many strategies which can be employed to repair credit and acquire financial backing to buy a new home.  There are many resources available that offer quality advice on financial planning, real estate planning, and mortgages.  I want my blog to have quality information on credit repair and encouraging ideas to help everybody achieve the American Dream.

I hope you enjoy the article attached to this blog.  Please feel free to call, text, or email to continue the dialogue.

Happy House hunting!


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