Your Lender Should Be Helping You Grow Your Customer Base

Mike Nelson - AFNIt is hard to partner in a compliant world

As I build my lending business, I spend most of my time focused on purchase transactions. Don’t mis-understand me, refinance is good business. I certainly welcome the opportunity to refinance a home, but a mortgage business built mostly on refinance transactions is not a viable long-term strategy.  Rates have gone up significantly since the election and refinance is certainly a shrinking market.

I speak with a lot of agents about their business.  We talk about sales, growth strategies, and the markets they are trying to develop.  Lenders need to provide tools that help agents grow their business.  While in-house processing and in-house underwriting are certainly competitive advantages – lenders have to bring better ideas to the table. 

Bringing better ideas to the table is difficult in the current era of regulation and compliance.  Better ideas aren’t expensive tickets to football games and trips to Mexico.  Those days are gone.  Lenders now have to support agents with compliant tools that satisfy regulations.  This is not easy.

Luckily, I work for a company that has invested effort and money in compliant tools loan officers use to support their agents.  Listed below are three examples:

Listing Booster will expand your Facebook, web, and social media visibility

Mike Nelson - AFN

Listing Booster is a shared cost co-branded listing syndication platform.  Listing Booster is fully automated through the MLS  and provides a robust web, YouTube, Facebook, and social media platform.   The idea behind Listing Booster is equipping lenders and agents with effective marketing to drive sales for existing listings.  Listing Booster also helps grow agent and lender databases for future customers.  It is different from traditional syndication in that agents are not competing with multiple other agents on the same listing page

Click on the logo above.  You will land on my Facebook page – review the tabs (Featured Homes & Click To See How) for more information on Listing Booster.  


Non-QM products will open up your database to new opportunities

The second example is our robust product suite.  Yes, we are a direct lender and support Fannie, Freddie, and Ginnie in-house.  This is certainly a competitive advantage but Fannie, Freddie, and Ginnie do not make a robust product suite.  A full suite lender will also have Non-QM products as well.  A few examples are:

Non-Warrantable Condos
Foreign Nationals
Bank Statement Loans
High LTV Jumbos with No MI

An good understanding of Non-QM products will certainly open up the customer databases for real estate agents. 


MBS HighwayFinancial knowledge for your client

Lastly, for financial expertise AFN uses a subscription based news source called MBS Highway.  MBS Highway provides daily and weekly information on interest rates and mortgage-backed securities.  Interest rates, securities, and the bond markets are certainly confusing.  The weekly updates from MBS Highway gives our agents and our loan officers the information needed to help our customers make wise interest rate and mortgage decisions.  We provide weekly updates from MBS Highway at no charge to our partners.  Feel free to send me a note if you would like to be added to the weekly update.

 Call, text, or e-mail if you want to continue the dialogue

I hope these three tools generate ideas on how you can grow your business.  Please send me a note, text, or call if you would like to continue the dialogue.

As always – Happy House Hunting!

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