About Us  - Efficient Lending

Efficient Lending is a financial services company established to provide precision and punctuality to its clients.

The company aims to transform the traditional lending process by using current technology to make it more efficient and convenient for borrowers. 

The ultimate goal of Efficient Lending is to make the mortgage process a seamless borrowing experience for its clients.


Efficient Lending is committed to helping people achieve their financial goals by offering personalized lending solutions.

 I understand that every borrower has unique needs and requirements, and therefore, we provide customized loan options that are tailored to meet the individual needs of its clients. 

Efficient Lending strives to simplify the lending process by eliminating the hassle of unnecessary paperwork and lengthy approval procedures.

I believe in transparency and fairness, which is why I  disclose all the terms and conditions of the loan upfront. 

We ensure that our clients are fully aware of the interest rates, estimated fees, and repayment schedules before they sign up for a loan. 

Efficient Lending is committed to providing a safe and secure borrowing experience to its clients. 

With its goal of providing precision, punctuality, and transparency, Efficient Lending is poised to become an essential player in the lending industry.

Please call me anytime, I always enjoy meeting new people.

Michael F Nelson, CEO - Efficient Lending, Inc
720.419.3016 or mike@efficientlending.net
NMLS: 1876539  NMLS: 1314188